GB6968C Watering controller 24V 8-sections

Product description




body made of plastic


number of sections: 8
electrovalves control voltage

EAN: 5904842730024

For controlling the electrovalves 24V. Manual and automatic mode. Indoor model (for rooms). Large, easy to read display and a knob for easy settings. Max. 4 watering starts per day, in two independent programs: A and B. Watering time for each section individually adjustable from 1 to 240 minutes. Watering on selected days of the week, every specified number of days: 1-32, even or odd days. Cooperation with the GB6995C rain detector or GB6996C soil moisture sensor with status display on the screen and pump relay. Watering delay start after detector activation: 0, 24, 48 or 72h. Power supply: 24V transformer (included). 2xAA battery backup (not included). A spare transformer with the symbol GBK3504TR is available for the controller.